Bras For Real Women


At Rebechic Store we make Bras for real women – the way they’re supposed to be made. Our bras are designed to fit women of any shape or size to give you the look you deserve. The shape of your body doesn’t define who you are. “Fits well enough” isn’t in our vocabulary. Each and every woman has a unique body type, and we have spent years perfecting a design to give you the look that works for you.

No frills. No bells and whistles. No false promises. Just simple, comfortable, affordable bras with the sole purpose of helping you own your look.

Our Commitment to Your Bra


At Rebechic Store we walk, talk, eat, and sleep bras (well we don’t sleep in bras…we’re not that crazy). Based in Los Angeles, our team is composed of non-stop innovators who are always looking to create the next best thing. While many lingerie brands sell a wide range of intimates, we focus on the one thing we know best: bras. We do this because we’re passionate and dedicated to making bra unease a thing of the past. Whether you’re exercising, at the office, at home, or on the go, we are committed to offering you a solution to make you forget about your bra struggles of the past.

Innovative Product Lines


Every woman deserves to be comfortable in whatever situation they’re in. With that in mind, we created two product lines designed to serve specific purposes to give you the most out of your bra.

Our Extra Lift Bra collection utilizes insta-cool technology that offers cooling ventilation throughout the day while maintaining the shape and support that you need.

Our Hers Wings collection was designed to give you that perfect lift, support, and perky bust to really make your breasts pop when you want to impress or remember the good old days.